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All dates are inclusive. After School Club and Play scheme both run on some days due to different schools' term dates.

After School Club

Academic Year Sep 2023 - Sep 2024

Tue 05/Sep/23 to Fri 20/Oct/23
Mon 30/Oct/23 to Fri 22/Dec/23

Thu 04/Jan/24 to Fri 16/Feb/24

Mon 26/Feb/24 to Thu 28/Mar/24

Mon 15/Apr/24 to Fri 24/May/24

Mon 03/Jun/24 to Tue 23/Jul/24

Play schemes

Academic Year Sep 2023 - Sep 2024

Fri 20/Oct/23 to Mon 30/Oct/23

Wed 20/Dec/23 to Fri 22/Dec/23

Tue 02/Jan/24 to Mon 08/Jan/24

Mon 19/Feb/24 to Fri 23/Feb/24

Fri 29/Mar/24 to Mon 15/Apr/24

Fri 24/May/24 to Mon 03/Jun/24

Mon 22/Jul/24 to Tue 03/Sep/24

Extra Training Days and School Closure Days

Please contact us for childcare on teacher training days and other school closure days not covered by the play scheme dates above. We may be able to organise outings for the children during the school day and then return to join in with the after school club.

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