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The playscheme sessions run during school holidays, providing full day (8:30am-6pm £36), half days (8:30am-1:30pm £21) (1pm-6pm £21) or short days (8:30am-4pm £30). Discounts are available for siblings.

Our only closed days are bank holidays and partial opening during the period between Christmas and New Year.

Similar to After School, we provide a mix of activities, free play, games, computers and outdoor play. At playscheme we also have themed weeks and daily advertised activities.

We also invite guest professionals such as dance teachers, circus skills, gymnastics coaches etc.

A key difference with play scheme is that we are able to offer outings to both local and non-local locations. For example ice skating, cinema, London museums, theme parks, forest walks.

Some of our extra guests and outings do incur an additional charge.

We provide snack in the morning and, usually cooked, food in the afternoon, but expect parents/carers to provide a midday packed lunch.

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